Win A Real Street Fight Package

Win A Real Street Fight Package

Learn how to survive and WIN A REAL STREET FIGHT. Systema Master Val Riazanov will teach you how to drop your attacker in one punch - one punch that will have him laying on the ground shaking. Val has combined all of his Russian Martial Arts courses into one package that will teach you how to WIN A STREET REAL FIGHT. You will be the last man standing.

And... as a FREE BONUS, you'll also receive Val's Relaxation and Joint Conditioning course that will teach you how to breathe and relax your body for peak fighting performance! Plus!

You will also get a rare look behind the scenes look at

Here's what you get when you buy:

1. The Original Ballistic Strikes
> Learn how to drop any attacker

2. Advanced Ballistic Strikes
> Discover the secret principals of Systema

3. Ballistic Street Defense
> Master the art of Street Fighting

4. Ballistic Street Defense Seminar
> See real-life fight scenarios explained

5. Relaxation and Joint Conditioning
> Deep breathing and relaxation techniques

6. Black Belt Magazine Interview
> Watch how Val turns skeptics into believers

7. Advanced Ballistic Striking Interviews
> Professional fighters talk about learning ballistic striking

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Win A Real Street Fight Package

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