Ballistic Street Defense

Ballistic Street Defense

Ballistic Street Defense includes 10 courses: Ballistic Kicks, Attack Defense, Preemptive Strikes, Takedowns, Dealing with Multiple Opponents, Stick Defense, Knife Defense, Gun Defense and Getting out of Holds. With Ballistic Street Defense you will learn the techniques that will save your life against an attacker and turn the tables of the fight. Get the skills and mindset necessary to defeat multiple attackers, and you will unlock the secrets of power and control.

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Ballistic Street Defense

10 Videos

  • Ballistic Street Defense Intro

    This is the Intro for my Ballistic Street Defense DVD

  • Ballistic Kicks

    Learn the power of Ballistic Kicks! Learn how to literally move your legs through an opponents body!

  • Preemptive Strikes

    Learn to land the first strike/punch with Preemptive Strikes. Knockout your opponent before he has the chance to lay a finger on you!

  • Attack Defense

    Learn what to do when you are attacked before you have a chance to throw the first punch. Attack Defense will show you how to deflect the opponent's attacks and deliver the finishing strike!

  • Dealing With Multiple Oppenents

    Unlock the secrets to literally sweeping you opponent off their feet, with tried and tested real world application from World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov.Balance is key to defending yourself against an attacker, making it just as important to force your opponent off his bala...

  • Gun Defense

    Discover how to defend yourself in life threatening situations from an attacker with a gun. Your life is rarely ever as threatened as it is if an attacker uses a gun, World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov equips you with life saving advice when faced with an opponent with a gun....

  • Takedowns

    Learn how to take down any opponent/attacker with these amazing easy to use moves!

  • Stick Defense

    The most common weapon an attacker may use against you is some sort of stick (pipe,crowbar, baseball bat …), so to make sure you can confidently disarm any opponent World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov, has broken down the easiest moves that anyone can learn.Slow motion guides ...

  • Knife Defense

    Learn how to defend yourself against a deadly assault from an attacker using a knife! Using techniques from World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov.Discover how to disarm an opponent in the safest way possible minimizing any bodily harm to yourself. Master techniques that allow yo...

  • Getting Out of Holds

    One of the most dangerous elements of a fight is when you are taken down and the fight is taken to the ground.With the guidance of World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov you can learn essential maneuvers that could potentially save your life. Learn how to escape the lethal choke ...