• Behind the Scene Interviews

    1 video  |   Buy $4.99

    After Advanced Ballistic Striking was filmed, the participants were interviewed about their experiences. Before they experienced the power of Systema, they admitted that they were skeptical. However, one punch from Systema Master Val Riazanov changed their perception. See how each one relates his...

  • Win A Real Street Fight Package

    27 videos  |   Buy $47.95

    Learn how to survive and WIN A REAL STREET FIGHT. Systema Master Val Riazanov will teach you how to drop your attacker in one punch - one punch that will have him laying on the ground shaking. Val has combined all of his Russian Martial Arts courses into one package that will teach you how to WIN...

  • Ballistic Street Defense

    10 videos  |   Buy $19.95

    Ballistic Street Defense includes 10 courses: Ballistic Kicks, Attack Defense, Preemptive Strikes, Takedowns, Dealing with Multiple Opponents, Stick Defense, Knife Defense, Gun Defense and Getting out of Holds. With Ballistic Street Defense you will learn the techniques that will save your life a...

  • Advanced Ballistic Striking 1 - 5

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    Advanced Ballistic Striking is a digital download which includes: Vol 1. Principals of Ballistic Striking, Vol 2. Two Person Drills, Vol 3. Application of Striking Principals, Vol 4. Disarming Your Opponent, and Vol 5. Combat Grappling Seminar. Demoralize your attacker with techniques that destro...

  • The Original Ballistic Strikes 1 - 7

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    The Original Ballistic Strikes was the first of Val Riazanov's courses. This course will teach you how to throw a punch with explosive power. You will get the secret knowledge, and the ‘how to’ aspect of applying ballistic strikes. Val provides an in-depth explanation by demonstrating the princip...

  • Relaxation and Joint Conditioning

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    Val Riazanov's Russian Relaxation and Joint Conditioning Exercises teach you how to properly exercise the muscles and connective tissues surrounding the joints. Through learning these gentle stretches and powerful breathing techniques, you are enabled with an easy to use daily practice.